To manufacture quality castings at economic costs is the most
important mission of our engineering department. In order to reach this goal more effectively, we have established an excellent management system and teamwork relationship in our operation.Furthermore, we are also committed to building relationships of teamwork and trust with our customers. 



One of the important keys to  making a complex casting at lower manufacturing costs to the right quality requirements is to have good planning before bulk production. To start developing a technical part, our process engineer will call a meeting with design engineer, quality engineer and manufacturing engineer for better understanding  from all aspects and gather better ideas to complete the project more efficiently.

To enhance originative technique competence, our engineering team insists on designing by ourselves the wax ingestion mold, straightenig die and machining jig fix tures.This work procedure results in a good work relationship and also a significant attribute of self-enlightenment from our management team to pursue the new methods of improvement .


It makes no difference to produce a  few pcs or hundred thousands pcs, our engineers will have to work out the suitable processes and process controls for each single item. For each new part, it is always  necessary to have test runs for determining the best production methods and control points.